Peace Lily is known as a popular houseplant. These houseplants produce beautiful white flowers and purify the air by removing toxic chemicals from the air.

Peace Lily

Aloe vera offers many health and beauty benefits due to its healing powers. In addition to purifying the air, aloe vera works at night by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide.

Aloe Vera

The Weeping Fig makes a very attractive houseplant with its long, glossy leaves. The plant purifies the air by removing 'chemicals' from the air.

Weeping Fig

Boston ferns play a significant role in improving air quality as they help restore moisture and act as humidifiers.

Boston Fern

Spider plants can be a great low-maintenance houseplant. This houseplant is capable of producing oxygen by removing carbon dioxide from the air.

Spider Plant

Bamboo Palm is a great houseplant for filtering air. It's amazing for cleaning the air of some of the chemicals associated with paint and new carpet.

Bamboo Palm

English ivy not only helps clean the air, but also reduces airborne feces. This makes English ivy a great houseplant for the bathroom!

English Ivy

The Snake Plant is able to remove various pollutants including carbon dioxide in the air as they use it to create one of the best home remedies for air purification.

Snake Plant

Rubber plant

Rubber plants are an evergreen, perennial plant that prefers bright, filtered light and weekly watering in summer and fortnightly in winter.

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