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Hydrangea is a popular and favorite flower for gardeners. With the onset of spring the plants begin to bud and by mid-summer beautiful flowers bloom.

Hydrangea FLOWER

The best time to plant hydrangeas is in the fall or early spring. It is also called summer crush hydrangea.

Planting Time

The first of the most important aspects of hydrangea is choosing the right location. A location that does not stand water and receives direct morning sunlight is ideal for hydrangea plants.

Best location for hydrangeas

Hydrangea likes bright light but does not like strong afternoon light at all. Plant and flower growth, on the other hand, requires 4 to 6 hours of sunlight.

Light for Hydrangea Plants

Prepare the soil for hydrangea plants by adding good quality compost that will enrich the soil and retain moisture and nutrients.

Soil for Hydrangeas

Hydrangea plants require relatively less water in winter. But in the spring season, the tree should be watered regularly during bud production.


For more blooms on hydrangea plants, apply a balanced diet after pruning. Apply one cup of fertilizer for each foot of branch once a month before the plant flowers.

Fertilizer for Hydrangea Plan

The best time to prune hydrangeas is in late winter or early spring, as they form new branches in early summer.

Best Pruning Time

Pest and Disease Control

Hydrangea plants are susceptible to pests and diseases. Common pests such as aphids, spider mites, and scale insects harm plants. 

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