Orchids are popular for their beauty, size and vibrant colors. The flowers come in different shades including pink, purple, white and yellow.


Peonies are beautiful spring flowers. one of the most popular flowers in North and Central America. The sweet-scented flowers come in a variety of colors, including pink, red, and white.


Roses need well-draining soil and regular watering. They prefer full sun and benefit from regular pruning.


Sunflowers are bright and beautiful flowers with a large yellow petal that radiate out from a dark center. They can grow up to 10 feet tall and their oil is often used in cooking and skincare.


The lotus is a sacred flower of India, and its delicate pink and white flowers are seen in ponds and lakes during the summer months.


Hydrangea is a deciduous shrub with large, showy flower heads made up of small flowers. They come in a variety of colors and bloom in summer.



Adenium is native to the Sahara, Sudan and Senegal desert regions of southeastern Africa. There are many species of Adenium flowers, also known as desert roses.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are early in the spring, covering the trees in pink and white flowers in March and April. It is a symbol of spring and renewal in Japanese culture.


Daffodils are another classic spring flower. With their cheerful yellow and white blooms, they are a symbol of new beginnings and rebirth.

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