NJoy Pothos is a popular variety of golden pothos and is known for its beautifully variegated foliage. It is a tropical houseplant of Southeast Asia.

NJoy Pothos 

Harlequin Pothos is a stunning variety of Golden Pothos and is known for its variegated foliage. It is a member of the Araceae family.

Harlequin Pothos

Glacier pothos is a popular plant with heart-shaped leaves that are a mix of green and creamy white, mottled with light green and silvery gray.

Glacier Pothos

Hawaiian Pothos is a tropical houseplant native to the Philippines and other Southeast Asia. It is a member of the Araceae family and is closely related to other popular houseplants such as golden pothos and monstera.

Hawaiian Pothos

Also known as satin silver pothos, it is a species native to Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, Queensland and New Guinea.

Satin Pothos 

Dragon tail pothos (Epipremnum pinnatum), also known as centipede tongavine, tail plant, taro vine, easy to maintain with little care, is a surprisingly rare houseplant today.

Dragon's Tail Pothos

Trebi Pothos has large, heart-shaped satin green leaves with large silvery-white spots. It is compact and slow growing. Satin Pothos Trebi is lovely as a hanging plant.

Trebi Pothos

Scindapsus Silver Princess

Syndapsus pictus Silver Princess is a rare and beautiful vine houseplant with large velvety leaves of Syndapsus painted with silver variegation.

Silver Lady Pothos

Silver Lady Pothos, also known as Syndapsus pictus 'Argyrus', is a popular trailing houseplant with an artistic splash of silver across its stunning deep green foliage.

Silver Hero Scindapsus

he scindapsus silver hero is a climbing scindapsus with beautiful silvery green leaves. It is a relative to the scindapsus pictus and scindapsus treubii moonlight.

Snow Queen Pothos 

Snow Queen Pothos (Epipremnum aureum 'Snow Queen') is a popular variety of Golden Pothos with stunning white/cream leaves thinly streaked with medium green.

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