Madhumalti is among the best flowers in a hot and monsoon. It is odorless, but the beauty of the flowers attracts everyone's attention.


In Bengali Rangoon creeper is known as Madhumalti  Its English name is Chinese Honeysuckle, and Hindi name Rangan-ka-bel, red jasmine etc.

OTHER NAME  Of Rangoon creeper FLOWER

Madhumalti flowers are usually white and red in color. Madhumalti is a creeping and shrub-like, perennial plant and the flowers are single and double-pedalled.

Rangoon creeper COLORS

Rangoon creeper is perennial plant, so it is better to choose a 10-inch or 12-inch tub in a large pot.

BEST POT FOR Rangoon creeper PLANTS

Well-drained, fertile soil should be prepared for Madhumalati plants. Fertile soil should be prepared by mixing a sufficient amount of organic manure with the soil.

BEST SOIL FOR  Rangoon creeper PLANTS

Propagation of Rangoon creeper plant or making seeding is very easy, tubers Seedlings are made when cut and planted in the ground.



The flowering season of the Madhumalati plant is from summer time to monsoon, so the care of this plant should be started after winter.


Pruning and tub soil changes should be completed after winter. And water and fertilizer should be given regularly at the base of the plant from the beginning of summer.


Madhumalti grows well in pots and in soil, but the plant should be transplanted to a location that receives approximately 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day.


These plants do not need special food in winter when the plant is in dormancy, but in early summer they need more fertilizer.


Tub plants require more water than soil plants, so watering should be done according to the plant's needs; this plant likes moisture.

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